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This is a tutorial about how to get rid of white background in Photoshop software. It usualy used to make a transparant png image or combine some image when make design. I will make step by step tutorial how to remove white background in an image using photoshop. Step by Step How To Get Rid

This is a guide about how to fix Canon Printer MP237 with error code 5B00 on the monitor screen and 7x blinking code on the printer indicator. Error 5B00 on Canon MP237 printer indicating that the printer is asking us to reset it. The steps to reset the printer are as follows:

We have faced error E4 on Canon printer MP145 by yesterday. The error occured after refilling the cartridges (black and color). After re-install the cartridges into the printer, we turn on the printer and the the error code E4 displayed on 7 segment LED indicator.