10 Steps How To Find Drivers For Unknown Devices

Unknown devicesThis time, we will learn how to install the drivers on your computer if the hardware is unknown. With the steps that will be described below, you will be able to install unknown device drivers on your computer. You can do it with only 10 easy steps. Here we will show each step:

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Go to the icon “System”
  3. Then click on the tab “Hardware” (XP) in “Device Manager”Device manager
  4. Select the unknown device driver and double-click
  5. Go to the “Details” tab and select Properties “hardware ID”
  6. There is, save the four-digit DEV and VEN
  7. Login www.pcidatabase.com, under “Search Tools” DEV place your four-digit code.pcidatabase.com website
  8. You’ll find lots of results, the search code now see references to your DEV
  9. Press Ctrl + F and enter the code in there and then you will find the DEV code you are looking for.Device Search Results
  10. They will tell you the name of the device, and even, in many results show the download URL, and if not, you can see the hardware on the internet.pcie vendor and device lists

Here is an explanation of some of the details above:

  • VEN and DEV: Two important parameters for each of the hardware is the VEN and DEV. VEN is the vendor of the device, the VENDOR is the brand, and DEV  is a device of this manufacturer.
  • www.pcidatabase.com is one of the largest databases of hardware
  • This series steps can work for Windows XP, Vista, 7.

This is the best way to find the right driver for our unknown device, and even the most successful.
These search results, in many cases, leaving several options, and to know our goal, we will guide by the Vendor Id, click on the name of the manufacturer to show all the device available for this manufacturer.

You see, I’ve done the code search DEV (device) is usually a list of device from the manufacturer, there are many devices, find it, see the description of the chip number and name, and in many cases, a link to the controller

The series of steps described here has a lot to solve the problem of the unknown device and almost always has worked. Of course there are many ways to find a driver for hardware, but with this method, it is the most effective.

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