10 Ways How To Download Videos From YouTube

YoutubeUntil today YouTube. Com is the largest repository of video and the third largest in the world ranking sites.  But what if the connection is bad, and can not watch videos online? Currently, it seems that YouTube videos limiting the possibility of downloading from the site.

Already found many ways to download videos from YouTube to your computer. We offer the best ten! The fastest way to download videos from YouTube provides a service SaveFrom.net, while all videos will be saved in the best quality. SaveFrom.net, at least, takes 2 direct links for downloading videos from YouTube.com and save it in a format FLV and MP4. In most cases the MP4 has better quality but bigger size.

First way : If you are on YouTube site,  just add a “ss” to video link address.

http:// SS youtube.com / Watch? V = YOcmSsBfafg

Once you press Enter, you will transfer to the site SaveFrom.Net, where you’ll see the download link. Choose any and clicks!

2nd way : the application VideoGet. VideoGet – a program to download video clips from more than a hundred video sites (YouTube, Yahoo Video, MySpace, VSocial, Metacafe, and many others) look at the video tutorial on how to use VideoGet can download video for free.

3th way : To download all the videos are hosted on a web page, add its address to “sfrom.net /” or “savefrom.net /” to obtain, for example as follows:

sfrom.net / http: / / www.brohans.com/

and press Enter. Once again you will transfer to the site of service SaveFrom.Net, and you get a list of direct links for free download all the videos posted on this website.

4th way : Install the extension SaveFrom.net assistant for the Opera browser and Mozilla Firefox. On the toolbar of your browser button appears with the image of a down arrow that lets you display the menu assistant

5th way : if you have browser Firefox, then install the plug-in DownloadHelper and enjoy life. Convenient and reliable way, which allows you to download more from any video service!

6th way :  Use Download Master program can be download here, shakes with many video hosting.

7th way :  on a site vixy.net can enter a link to the video and get ready to exit the encoded file – what you want – avi, mov, mp4, 3gp or just an audio track to mp3. Very convenient.

8th way : You need to be kept Googling where the cache in your browser and see where you’ve viewed the video is stored there in the format flv, iflv or swf.

9th way : use one of these programs. Since they are posted on Download.com, just no virus in them. And, finally,

10. Slightly more complex approach – the program YouTube Spider. With it searches for videos on youtube.com. Among other things, and you can download videos and converting to mpeg. Download here.

Maybe you already have your own method how to download videos from YouTube you can shared in comment post below.

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