About Google Talk

Requires Windows XP or later

Click here if you want to  download Google Talk.

or visit here to gets late version

Google Talk gives us easy to communicate with all people around the world. These services are free.

Google talk is a chat application from Google.
The following are the features that exist on Google talk:

1. Instant messages: share quick thoughts in real time
2. Status updates: see if friends are around and what They are up to
3. File transfer: instantly send and receive files, pictures, and more

Voice chat:
1. Free long distance: make PC-to-PC calls to people anywhere in the world
2. Audio conferencing: talk to multiple people at once
3. Gmail integration: a chat with your friends on Gmail

Step How To Install Google Talk :

Step 1 : Click Google Talk googletalk-setup.exe

Google Talk Installer

Step 2 : Click Run

Run Confirmation Image

Step 3 :Click I Agree

Agree Confirmation Image

Step 4 : Click Finish

Finish Confirmation Image

Step 5 : End

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