Add Google Plus One (+1) On Your Website

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Google plus predicted to be the strongest opponent for Facebook. It has many cool features, include the cool animation. Google Plus is also featured with facilities similar to facebook share or twitter. The webmasters are advised to add Google Plus sharing (+1) to your websites, so the visitor will be easier to share your pages into the visitor’s Google Plus account.

How to add Google Plus One (+1) to your web page..? Follow the below steps:

1. Add the following code in header file (for WordPress: header.php):

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Insert the code between html tag <head> and </head>

2. Add the following code in html body tag:


Insert the code between html tag <body> and </body>. Insert the code to the suitable location on your site.

Done, the Google +1 sharing icon should be appear on your webpage.

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