Add Rainbow Effect On Photoshop

In this tutorial  will explain so detail or step by step. Maybe it wiil help you, how to make rainbow effect on a photo and it’s for newbie and middle level.

1. Open photo in File/Open/Choose photo which you download berfore in this tutorial. Go to image size by “right click” on top of picture layout or chose on top menu : Image/Image Size and set up width with 1200px and height with 675px.

2. To obtain good effect, we must to lighten the photo so we can see every small detail on it, as well as to reduce the contrast of the photo. Double click on current layer thumbnail on Layers palette to unlock this layer, then choose menu Image/Adjustments/”Brightness/Contrast” with similar settings.

3. Duplicate this layer with Ctrl+J and change color on menu Image/Adjustments/Hue/Saturation for copied layer:

4. Go to menu Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur with following parameters to make a gaussian blur effect.

5. Change layer mode to Overlay for this layer.

6. Edit brightness of the picture with go to menu:  Image/Adjustments/”Brightness/Contrast” for copied layer.

7. Correction the color, to get rid of some type of colors or too bright colors.Go to menu :Image/Adjustments/Replace Color. We are going to replace khaki color with green color.

8. Use “replace color” option into replace  bright yellow color on the photo with Image/Adjustments/Replace Color, same step on 7 but different on color correction.

9. Now I would like to make whole photo lighter. For this purpose create a new one layer and change layer mode to Soft Light for new layer. For now you don’t see any changes on the photo because current layer is empty. After that select the Brush Tool (Opacity: 100%) and a soft round brush about 80px and color and paint over all the dark areas on the picture with white (#000000) color.

This tutorial complete, try at your home yourself with other sample image.

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