Avoid Malicious Web With WOT Plugin

WOTWhen you are on the Internet, you move quickly from one site to another. By following the links you meet, you can easily find yourself on a website that is not trusted. It is indeed very easy to find on a Web site for downloading dangerous files, including malicious scripts that could compromise the security of your computer or steal private data, etc..

While most browsers now offer anti-phishing features to block access to sites that try to steal personal information by posing as a corporate website (like your bank), this security is quite limited: many sites and many other threats pass through this filtering .

With the software Web of Trust (WOT), you can know in an instant if the website you are visiting is at risk . WOT comes in the form of an add-in installed in your browser. It adds in your browser a little icon that informs you in a look of confidence in the current page . You can tell if the seller is reliable, if your personal information is handled legally, if the page is suitable for children, etc.. This information is also given alongside the results returned when searching the Internet with Google, Yahoo or Bing.

In short, enough to help you avoid fake software, scam sites, scam sites, sites containing viruses or distributing software pox, dishonest merchant sites, sites that try to steal your password, etc..

To help you avoid sites dishonest, WOT is based on the opinions of Internet users to its active community (over 4 million members) and various specialized sources deemed as SpamCop, PhishTank and Co. Why not evaluate your own sites you visit? Instal WOT in FireFox.

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