Buyer’s Guide : Desktop Computer

Desktop PCIf you want to buy a new computer, you have an option between a notebook and a PC system. Who does not need to be mobile, the benefits of  PC is often better for performance, upgradeability and connectivity. There are several options if you want to buy a new PC system. It depends on what purpose the pc system is used :

  • PC systems for work and Internet
  • PC systems for Entertainment
  • PC systems for games

Below are several criteria that should be considered when buying a PC system :

Complete PC system depends on the processor, graphics card and memory (RAM). There must be at least 1 gigabyte of RAM installed – two is better, so the operating system as Windows 7 or Vista running smoothly. How fast your computer will depend on what you are work with, whether to surf the internet or want to watch movies and play games. There are three designs desktop system on the market :

Three Desktop PC Designs

  • The standard PC (desktop computer towers) is usually placed on or under the table, close to the monitor and has additional peripherals. The advantage of this computer because it is very easy to upgrade.
  • Mini desktop computer can save space, for example, is placed behind the screen, ready for the office and use the Internet.
  • All in one desktop computers combines computer and monitor. Connect only the mouse and keyboard, most of the cables is eliminated.

Data storage
The size of the hard drive when buying a new computer can be very important. This is especially true if you have a lot of movies and store photos. Most PCs are relatively easily upgraded with additional internal hard drive. Even external USB or FireWire hard drives are suitable for PCs that are at a fixed location. A new PC should also be equipped with a DVD burner to back up your important data.

Sound quality
complete PC system is usually equipped with an integrated audio chip on the mainboard. This integrated audio chip supports multiple speakers, making it possible to create a surround system. By adding multiple speakers you can create a home theater with a desktop PC that can play audio formats like Dolby Digital and DTS. For professional recording and post-processing speech and music adds a professional sound card is better than integrated solutions.

Many desktop PCs currently installed Windows operating systems (particularly Windows 7 – Vista and XP is almost rare). Some manufacturers also offer programs for word processing and virus protection, but often only due to time limited trial versions. You can add an additional card too, that offers some TV for playback of television signals, Wi-Fi to connect to a wireless network and built-in memory card reader and others.

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