Choose a mouse easier than the other parts, the main thing – comfort The choice of a mouse for your computer In this article we consider the choice for a computer mouse . Mouse – this is probably the most important part, through which people in contact with the computer. Therefore important that this contact

What is UPS (UPS – uninterruptible power supply). Electric power network is imperfect, but due to unstable voltage of the computer can operate incorrectly or even fail, many files that your computer is running currently not stored, the operating system files are not stored properly, and therefore the operating system is gradually corrupted and computer

Often, when people choose a computer, they are obsessed with power. Consider the main well to choose the processor and graphics card to play different games with good graphics, or just to be able to say: “I have a powerful computer.” They forget about those parts of the keyboard, mouse , because they consider them

One of the most important component in your computer is a computer case, but for some reason, many people pay little attention in choosing a case. And useless, good housing choice will determine the ease and quality of your work. Characteristics of the body determines the amount of components to be in it, and the

Connector. Over the years, all motherboards use 20-pin power connector. Now, the new PCI-E requires 24-pin connector. Of course, there are adapters that allow you to connect 20-pin Power Supply to 24-pin connector, but adds an extra loads on the power supply. Noise : PSU fan is probably the loudest component of your computer. Several

CD-ROM drive is used with computer to read the information from the CD-ROM (CD R / CD RW / DVD R / DVD RW). Today CDROM drives have transfer rates ranging from 48X to 75X or more. Generally Purchasing a CD-ROM drive relatively easy task however can involve some considerations when purchasing. What you need