The following video will explain how to select a motherboard for your computer system. Some things you need to consider include the frequency of the FSB, socket processor and also the existing devices on the motherboard (onboard devices). To use as a multimedia computer, you can choose a motherboard that supports PCI express ports, so

Choosing a CPU or processor is basically not a difficult thing. The most important thing is kind of a processor socket, you surely must understand the type of processor socket that you want to buy because we can be sure your processor will not enter into a processor socket on the motherboard, if different types

Installing memory in the desktop PC is very easy to do. You just need to insert a memory on the existing memory slot on the motherboard. There are several kinds of memory with a different slot for each memory. There are types of SDRAM, DDR, DDR2 and DDR3. Each type has different slot type, so

Choosing a hard disk to the computer can be quite difficult for some people. There are various brands of hard drives on the market with a variety of capacities and speeds. It is possible that your computer can not detect a hard disk if you use a hard disk with a very large capacity. There