We have faced error E4 on Canon printer MP145 by yesterday. The error occured after refilling the cartridges (black and color). After re-install the cartridges into the printer, we turn on the printer and the the error code E4 displayed on 7 segment LED indicator.

Today I got a problem on the Canon printer models 1880. Problems that arise are as follows: Error “Ink cartridge cannot be recognized ” on before the printing process. Blinking LED. 5x LED blinking orange then green LED blinks 1x. I have tried some actions to solve this problem:

Today I get an error E3 on a Canon printer MP140 series. At the time turned on, the printer looks to work but eventually the printer stops with an error code E3, and paper jam warning appears on the computer monitor. I am trying to check the condition of the printer paper tray and looks

Not just counting how many times the printer is done printing, the printer also calculate how many times do the head cartridge cleaning, and ink absorber on the printer you will be considered full at a later time. Error code at the beginning was the E8 and then will turn into E27. The following is