Establishing a connection between two computers. For example, if you have a home computer and a laptop and you want to transfer files between them or share the Internet, you can make a direct connection. The first three steps describe the manufacture of the cable. You can buy ready-made “crimped” cable in the store, then

You want to buy a new operating system or game, but don’t know whether your PC meets the requirements for it? “Lavalys Everest” will help further: The program tells you exactly what hardware and software, plugged in your computer. The Everest analysis program is capable to¬† identify specifically every component of your PC . So

Do you have a computer sharing issue a in your network..? There are many causes of computer network problems. One of them is due to a virus, malware, adware and firewall. One characteristic of this computer network problem is: You managed to ping process (get-reply), but you can not make access to another computer. In