Windows has a function “Data Execution Prevention” (DEP). In a way it is designed for security and stability. DEP is not permutation prevents malicious software on your computer, and only keeps track of how programs use memory, and after installing SP2, DEP is enabled by default for major programs and services of Windows. In this

Winlogon – a process that is responsible for the entering and exiting of Windows. With file Winlogon.exe many hackers successfully disguise viruses, Trojans. Type text or a website address or translate a document. And easily find your personal login and password. Then load their software and find other information about the websites you visit for

Today my client arrived with a rather old computer to check the damage. Computers can not live at all, I suspect there is a problem with the switches that wear out. Then I switch between the ports of Power Switch and Reset Switch and the computer was able to work. The next problem is the

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