If you want to buy a new computer, you have an option between a notebook and a PC system. Who does not need to be mobile, the benefits of  PC is often better for performance, upgradeability and connectivity. There are several options if you want to buy a new PC system. It depends on what

You want to buy a new operating system or game, but don’t know whether your PC meets the requirements for it? “Lavalys Everest” will help further: The program tells you exactly what hardware and software, plugged in your computer. The Everest analysis program is capable to  identify specifically every component of your PC . So

This tutorial will help you. It discuss about how to make cracked text effect. You can use Corel DRAW 8.0 and some things may be done differently with other versions, but no problem, let’s try. 1. Make a new graphic and use “Text Tool” to write text  “Cracked” on layout. Use the pick tool to