This is a tutorial about how to get rid of white background in Photoshop software. It usualy used to make a transparant png image or combine some image when make design. I will make step by step tutorial how to remove white background in an image using photoshop. Step by Step How To Get Rid

Magic wand tool use for selection image. It also can use for change a image color. In this tutorial we will use Color Range in Magic Wand Tool option. Color range function is for take a sample color which used for selection. 1. Open Photoshop and open image with Ctrl+O or menu : File/Open. 2.

You usualy press download icon/button for take or download file from website. That button has a link, which after you pressed, it will directed to download link. 1. Make a new file with custom size, Widht = 100 px, Height = 50 px, and resolution 72 pixel/inch. On “toolbox”, choose Rounded Rectangle Tool. Use at

We often see a smoke effect on the image. Now, we will make it ourself with Photoshop Software. and that is a tutorial, how to make a smoke effect on the text by Photoshop. 1. Make a new layer, setting size file : width = 10 cm, height = 8 cm. 2. Type a word

Have you think make a line with pattern on Photoshop? We will make it in this tutorial. There are 2 step : make a pattern and make line. Step 1 : 1. Create new document with custom size (width = 1 pixel, height 4 pixel), and background = transparant 2. Make a dot by pencil

Sometime we have many photos of our friends. And we want make a contact sheet, but we don’t know how to make it with a simple methode. And in this tutorial we will make it with Photoshop. Before we start, make same size and type (landscape/potrait) photo. And include into 1 folder. Now we use