I use desktop computer with specification: P4 2.0GHz,  Mmicrosoft Windows XP Profesioanl SP2, HDD IDE, Memory DDR2 512MB. Prepare your flashdisk/USB disk/Pendrive.  Download  Clonezilla at http://clonezilla.org/download/sourceforge/alternative-testing/iso-zip-files.php How to make live USB format yours flashdisk using windows tool right click and click Format. Backup your data first before formatting the USB disk. Extract clonezilla-live-20100617-maverick.zip in to

Each print a document or image, then the level of ink in the cartridge will be reduced and a time will run out. Maybe you can refill the printer cartridges, but your computer will continue to detect that the cartridge is empty, and your printer will not print any documents. If the conditions are like

The document that you can download below contain a complete tip how to buy a desktop computer. full explanation of what needs to be considered before buying a computer can be found on this document. Basic knowledge of computer must be mastered before you choose the computer that you buy, this should be done so