One of the most widely used methods of communication today is e-mail. A few years ago was only used by few people, but thanks to the spread of internet, computers and other equipment that enable access to the network as cell phones, besides offering the service companies that provide free e-mail is has become a

Got a lot of email messages from various senders often make us confused to read it. Especially those of us who join the group or social networking site which [by default] always sends email notification to us. This tutorial will show you how to create a filter and make your email account easily managed and

For the time being only valid in the U.S. make sure that gmail uses U.S. English language services. in addition to voice chat and video chat, now gmail is already can be used to make a phone call number To get started, you must be signed in to chat and have the voice and video

Step 1 : Login to Gmail account Step 2 : Click Setting (top right side gmail page) Step 3 :General –> mypicture section