If you are registered to Google and entered into the system, then yes, all that you have searched with Google, will be recorded in the history of the search. If you are not logged in or registered, but have not logged in, the data on search will not be logged. If you use services such Google, like

You get an e-mail every day with a large number of proposals to win money or haggling? So, you are exposed to spam attacks, and as soon as possible to stop this endless email. But how to secure your computer, because the e-mail spam are lurking in every time? If there is no spam The

Customize your Firefox browser appearance using Firefox persona skin. It’s very easy, free and of course so cool… 🙂 Here the appearance of my Firefox browser: I love nature photography, so i have installed many nature persona skin into my Firefox internet browser. Then, how to install Firefox persona skins..? Here, I’ll give you the

Did you ever get an error 500 Internal Server Error on your website.? Are you confused how to fix this error? This tutorial will give a little insight to you about how do I fix http error 500 Internal Server Error. There are 2 causes of http error “500 Internal Server Error“: