Google plus predicted to be the strongest opponent for Facebook. It has many cool features, include the cool animation. Google Plus is also featured with facilities similar to facebook share or twitter. The webmasters are advised to add Google Plus sharing (+1) to your websites, so the visitor will be easier to share your pages

In some cases, the self hosting wordpress users experiencing difficulties to display the text with Arabic letters on his blog. An article that should use Arabic font, it appears only a question mark character (????? ?????). So how do handle it ..? 1. Go to your webhost control panel, find menu “PHPMyAdmin“.

There are some videos from facebook facebook friends or from our own that we want to show on the web site, blog, wordpress, here is one way to menampilkannya.keunggulan from embed video from facebook, we do not need to upload the video again, and will save our hosting space. copy this script to your site

Chat privately with visitors on social network profile, blog, or website throughMessenger. click link to create pingbox click create 1. New pingbox choose background themes Type display name type online greating type offline message click save Sign in yahoo

online ym status allows you to communicate interactively to users who visit your website. Login to wp-admin –> Appearance –> widget drag widget text and move to primary widget area copy this script —> change ym id with your ym id <a href=” id“> <img src=” id/m=g/t=2/l=us/opi.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Status YM” /></a>

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