This is another Data Recovery made by Tokiwa  from Japan. The program is intended to recover accidentally deleted data on your hard disk even from the recycle bin. The program is very easy to use and in small size about 200kb. It only takes three steps to recover your data :

Windows has a function “Data Execution Prevention” (DEP). In a way it is designed for security and stability. DEP is not permutation prevents malicious software on your computer, and only keeps track of how programs use memory, and after installing SP2, DEP is enabled by default for major programs and services of Windows. In this

Data Execution Prevention ( DEP ) (born  DEP ) – a safety feature built into the family of operating systems Windows , which does not allow the application to execute code from memory regions marked as “data only”. It will prevent some attacks, which, for example, retain the code in this area with a buffer

Maybe you want to save electricity or resting your computer every 2 hours use, but you do not know for sure how long your computer has been working since turned on. Perhaps the following can help you, How do I find out how long your computer work?

I do not know why? But I found that Windows XP computers using only one core at boot time. If you want your windows xp is faster at start-up, you must change it, this is very easy. Here’s how: