Establishing a connection between two computers. For example, if you have a home computer and a laptop and you want to transfer files between them or share the Internet, you can make a direct connection. The first three steps describe the manufacture of the cable. You can buy ready-made “crimped” cable in the store, then

If you are bored with your wallpaper, and change their lazy, read this and take 5 minutes a small program to automatically change the wallpaper. Using only with a notepad. Create a desktop text document, open it and copy the selection: C: \ Documents and Settings \ your user name \ Local Settings \ Application

If you no longer can read the data stored on the USB stick, due to corrupt file system. This can be fixed with Windows.┬áIt’s often the data stored on a Usb flash drive can’t be read. There is frequently a file system is easily damaged, so that reading and writing can not be performed on

Tips and tricks to improve Windows can be found at many sites on the Internet. Most of these tips by changing the Windows registry. However, each change to the registry carries some risk, error in changing the registry will cause your windows to stop working, even worse you have to install windows. Therefore, before making