Creating identical copies of the file system partition with all operating systems, applications, programs installed and all the data and information of users that can be restored later in case of conflict or serious damage to your hard drive or Windows. Windows gives the user the possibility to make a backup of the system, this

One of the most widely used methods of communication today is e-mail. A few years ago was only used by few people, but thanks to the spread of internet, computers and other equipment that enable access to the network as cell phones, besides offering the service companies that provide free e-mail is has become a

If you no longer can read the data stored on the USB stick, due to corrupt file system. This can be fixed with Windows.┬áIt’s often the data stored on a Usb flash drive can’t be read. There is frequently a file system is easily damaged, so that reading and writing can not be performed on

Tips and tricks to improve Windows can be found at many sites on the Internet. Most of these tips by changing the Windows registry. However, each change to the registry carries some risk, error in changing the registry will cause your windows to stop working, even worse you have to install windows. Therefore, before making

Is your computer fast enough for Windows Vista’s successor : Windows 7? We will show you a quick way to find out compatibility of your computer system with windows 7. Until August 20, 2009, Microsoft launched a preview version of Windows 7 which will available to download. Unfortunately, the download is no longer available. But

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