Change Bitmaps To Vektor In Corel Draw

This tutorial can do in any versy of Corel, We use Corel Draw X3 for sample. It’s a methode to change image bitmaps to vektor image with simple step. And image which use a sample take from and

1. Make a new document and make landscape layou mode.Import file from your computer or use this sample image by menu File/Import.

2. This is a preview after image has import.

3. Now, Trace Bitmap by Menu : Btimaps/Trace Btimap/Chose one of option. Then, show “Power Trace Option”.

4. Edit some option to get maximal editng. Type of Image for choice type of editing. Use Smoothing and Detail to mix option and get image result which you like. We also can change Color Mode and Options. If that finish click OK.

5. They show 2 image which Vector Image on the top of original image. Move vector image.

That all methode, for fast editng you can choose “Quick Trace” on Trace Bitmap Option or for shotcurt in Corel Document.

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