Common Reasons Why Computer Shuts Down Randomly

computer shutting downIf you ever experience that your computer suddenly shut down frequently, and do not know what to do, this situation maybe is frustrating and uncomfortable, especially when we are working on important tasks. Here we will try to tell you exactly what happens when your computer turns itself off frequently.

We will analyze the most common cause of why the computer shuts down by itself. What is causing this? The first possibility is usually a problem overheating processor (CPU), this makes prevention mechanism (automatic) to turn off the computer processor.

But there’s more that cause this, we will share the most common causes that often occurs:

1.  Physical components Overheating
Processor (microprocessor) has an automatic mechanism to check the temperature, when the temperature becomes too hot, the computer automatically switched off to prevent further damage.

But more on this issue, what causes the heat from a processor? Poor ventilation, of course. Maybe the fan (called a heatsink or cooling fan) is not functioning properly, and no cooling.

This may be due to dust clogging the fan operation. The most efficient solution is that you will do maintenance to those, wipe them with a vacuum cleaner, brushes and leave them as if they were new.

By the way, to clarify that not only the processor fan, but also could be the motherboard (the motherboard in some components) overheating a lot.

2. Conflicts with some new hardware or damaged
Have you installed any new physical component? Accelerated graphics card? Capture TV ? There may be compatibility conflicts. Try removing these new components, to see if this solves the problem.

It’s not always about new hardware problem, it could be because the components that already on your computer have a problem. All you have to do is verify that the component is damaged, this can be done by testing on another computer.

If you have two RAM modules, try removing one and try installing in another PC, and so on. The idea is to remove what caused the problem. Remember that the physical components of a highly sensitive, do it carefully.

When you discover that your hardware is in good condition but your computer is still in the same state.

Well, it is possible that the virus has infected your system, this virus has been developed with the purpose to shut down or restart the computer automatically. The virus is usually automatically activated when you start any program or melakkan specific activities.

What you can do is to completely clean your system from viruses that exist in it.  To do this you can try scan your computer with antivirus.

I hope this article will help a lot. If anyone knows another reason why the computer is turned off suddenly and frequently, it would be good please share it by all computerhowto blog readers by leaving a simple comment.

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