Computer Sharing Issue?, Repair With Winsock XP Fix!

Do you have a computer sharing issue a in your network..? There are many causes of computer network problems. One of them is due to a virus, malware, adware and firewall. One characteristic of this computer network problem is: You managed to ping process (get-reply), but you can not make access to another computer. In other words, computer networks are well connected but not able to make sharing between computers on the network.

WinSock XP Fix

To overcome this, you can use a powerful tool to solve network problems, namely the Winsock XP Fix. This software can be used if you still have your computer network problems after removing network related software (network), Adware, Firewall, or after cleaning the registry. In addition, you can also backup the registry by using the Winsock XP Fix.

Download Winshock XP Fix from HERE. After that do the installation process, then run the program. After pressing the FIX, Winsock XP Fix will automatically make the necessary repairs. Once completed, restart your computer. If everything smoothly, your computer connection will be back to normal.

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