Create A Filter At Gmail

Got a lot of email messages from various senders often make us confused to read it. Especially those of us who join the group or social networking site which [by default] always sends email notification to us.

This tutorial will show you how to create a filter and make your email account easily managed and not all email received mixed in one inbox folder.

Step 1:

Login to your Gmail account, go to Settings page.

gmail setting

Step 2:

There many sub menus under Settings menu. Select menu “Filters” and select “Create a new filter“. If you are creating a filter for the first time, there should be empty filters.

gmail filter menu

Step 3:

You will be asked about how your filter works. There many option/criteria to filter emails. You must specify the criteria that will be used to determine what to do with a message as it arrive. In this tutorial, I will make a filter for messages which have sent by Facebook.

create filter gmail

Select “Test Search” button to find and make a test that the sender “Facebook” is available and already sent emails to us.

search email gmail

Step 4:

Now, you should select the action you’d like to take on messages that match the criteria you specified, in this case you will be asked, “What you’d like to do with messages that sent by Facebook..?”. If you have the answer, “I want the message saved on specified folder and not appear in inbox folder”, then you should check Skip the Inbox and Apply the label.

filter setting gmail

Now select the New Label, and give the name for four label. Because I want to create a filter to all messages which sent by Facebook, then I will make Facebook label. Select OK then check Also apply filter to xx conversation below and then select Create Filter

facebook filter gmail

Step 5:

Done, the new filter created successfully

gmail filter created

Now, all messages from Facebook will automatically moved to label Facebook. There no more unread messages in Inbox folder… 🙂

gmail filter label

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