Displaying Backslash Character In WordPress Post

backslash character wordpress

I’ve problem to show a backslash character during writing a computer tutorial about domain resolving in seconds. The backslash character won’t appear in my tutorial post.

As I write from a text editor, a backslash character appears in a text editor. But when I check the results on my website, it turns out there is missing a backslash character. And indeed WordPress does not display the backslash character for security purposes.

How to display the backslash character on WordPress based website ..?
Here is how to display the backslash character:

From HTML mode text editor, replace the backslash character with combination characters (HTML escape characters) ” & # 9 2 “. [write without space]

Here the example:

backslash code wordpress

Don’t go to Visual Mode text editor after you replace the backslash character with the HTML escape characters for backslash. You MUST publish your article when you are in HTML mode text editor.

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