Error E3 Or Paper Jam On Canon Printer

error e3 paper jam due to foreign object

Today I get an error E3 on a Canon printer MP140 series. At the time turned on, the printer looks to work but eventually the printer stops with an error code E3, and paper jam warning appears on the computer monitor.

I am trying to check the condition of the printer paper tray and looks fine. But when I checked more closely, I found a screw stuck in the bottom of the paper tray. I take the screw out and then I operate the printer. Tada…, the printer just works fine.. 🙂

Error E3 or paper jam is usually caused by two factors, the first because of mechanical damage or sensors that are broken / not working. And the second is due to inhibition of the paper flow because there is dirt or foreign objects that obstruct it. I’ve had several similar cases due to foreign objects stuck in the paper tray. I’ve found a grain of rice, strands of hair, pens, seeds of fruit that causes paper jams in the printer.

To prevent the error appears again, there is a good idea to always close the paper tray your printer when your printer is not in use.

2 thoughts on “Error E3 Or Paper Jam On Canon Printer

  1. Canon MP270: Error E03 (paperjam). Or the printer is generally not responding to commands.

    The printer wouldn’t recognize the paper in the rear tray. It also would not allow me to change cartridges, because the ink-cartridges didn’t roll out to the center position they should, when you open the lid.

    Solution: I unplugged the printer, turned it upside down and shook it. It didn’t work, but it might as well have! Because the problem turned out to be a small piece of dirt. A flower leaf actually, stuck, in what must be a sensor, behind where the cartridges normally sit, when the lid is open.
    I’m guessing the flower leaf blocked the sensor resulting in confusing messages.

  2. my printer doesnt have any foreign objects..but it keep error E03 when I print my assingment..

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