Everest: Hardware And Software Analysis For Your PC

You want to buy a new operating system or game, but don’t know whether your PC meets the requirements for it? “Lavalys Everest” will help further: The program tells you exactly what hardware and software, plugged in your computer.Everest system summary

The Everest analysis program is capable to  identify specifically every component of your PC . So you can decide if the hardware is compatible with Windows Vista  or met  the minimum requirements for the new games . But that’s not all: Its also have integrated performance tests Processor, Main memory and checked hard drive for speed and with an extensive database, other hardware Computers are compared.

Hardware and software investigation.
Whether it is the motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard drive or expansion card – Everest has a specific view. In addition, even the BIOS from the motherboard, graphics card or the firmware of the CD or DVD drive are displayed. This information can be especially helpful if a warranty from the manufacturer is claimed and detailed information are required.

Everest Ultimate sensor info

Sensors for voltage and temperature display Processor, Motherboard, graphics card and hard drive can be controlled , so that we can easily identify when there are abnormal system.

Everest is not only analyze the hardware, but also displays the detailed information of your operating system. This will show the version, language, service pack, license information, or installed components, such as Internet Explorer. Various other you will see the running processes, system drivers and services of the operating system.

Speed Test
The built-in “synthetic benchmarks” (performance tests) measure the speed of processor Main memory and hard drive and can be compared through an integrated database system with many different standard. For example, new hardware can be tested directly on a speed improvement.

Everest cpu benchmark

Other extras include details of the security of wireless LANs as the locks, or tips and tricks Improvement the system properties. You can try it yourself you can download trial software.

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