Face Off Image Effect

Do you know film with title “Face off”? in this tutorial we will try manipulation face image with skull image.

Step 1: Open image file to photoshop. You can also use other image, in this sample use Brad Pitt face who is actor.

Step 2: Duplicate face image layer, and then erase outside area of face with selection by marquee tool. For skull image, erase background with magic tool.

Step 3: Move image position into one layer, and face image position on the top off skull image. For more easy, hidden original image with layer. Then make selection with load selection by menu ”select/load selection/OK” then press CTRL SHIFT + I or inverse selection. Activation skull layer then prrss DELETE. Look at the pictures. Then setting image like a sample pictures.

Step 4: Unhide or show face layer which had cut, then use transform wrap. Make a unique shape or follow at the pictures sample.

Step 5: make brush on the new layer to make shadow effect. Use layer opacity for make a nice flash intesitaton and use erase tool to make more smothly.

Step 6: back to skull layer and give bavel emboss effect. For emboss, look at the picture.

Step 7 : for close emboss efect, take (copy) from background layer (full face image layer), then setting posistion in top. Erase outside face area with erase tool.

Step 8 : add a blood effet with blood image. Setting blood image to make this sample image. Make a nice position so it like a real picture.

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