Find Windows 7 Keys For All Versions

If you missed your windows 7 activation Key  but still confuse about it. You can discover  quickly with out registering for your Windows seven DVD ever again and looking in the internet. Actually you can get the cd key of this version along with several various other versions of your Windows 7. This is how to find your windows 7 keys  :

Windows 7 key

  1. Extract the Windows 7 ISO.  a UDF File format  would be needing additional software such as CDExtractor or ISoBuster to complete the task.
  2. Inside the DVD root directory you will find a directory sources….open it up.
  3. Discover a settings file product.ini
  4. Open the product.ini file
  5. Browse until the end and you’ll discover number of various windows 7 keys  versions like Starter, Professional, Ultimate, and more…

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