How To Buy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) For Your PC


Here some guide about how to buy UPS for personal computer:

Tips #1: About the UPS power output
One unit computer PC and Monitor need UPS with ouput power 600VA. Buy UPS with minimum output power of 600VA, the higher is better.

Tips #2: Checking the Features
Check the UPS features, Check protection avaibility Surge Protection, overload protection..etc. More features will be better.

Tips #3: AVR..?
AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) protects your computer from damage and loss of data by monitoring incoming electricity and smoothing out high and low voltage conditions, ensuring delivery of only safe, ‘clean’ electricity. A wide range of errant line voltage levels such as dips, surges, or spikes are converted by AVR into safe electricity for your computer.

Tips #4:  The guarantee
Make sure your UPS have long time guarantee.. 🙂

Tips #5: Read the manual book
You need to know the specification and the complete features from manual book, right?

Tips #6: About the battery
Make sure the battery has good quality. After purchasing the UPS, you should recharge the battery for about 8 hours. After recharging is completed, then try to use UPS to supply your computer without electrik supply and check how long it can supply power for computer. The UPS should be able to supply your computer about 15-30 minutes. Replace your UPS if battery dropped (of course with guarantee claim)

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