How Do I Get Laptop To Run Longer Without Recharging?

NotebookA very important criteria when choosing a laptop is how long it runs on battery power without having to connect to electricity. Laptop battery life will vary from one system to others. There are many features that can affect: Power CPU, RAM capacity, quality of the battery, etc. But do not forget that the duration of the battery also depends on the people who work with it. This is the way how to make your laptop run longer without recharging:

The main part of which consume a lot of power is the monitor. Monitor with high brightness more energy consuming. To save power the monitor, you can disable the screen saver in Display Properties. Next, still in Display Properties, Screen Saver tab to open the item strength – in a new window, make sure the Power scheme Portable / Laptop is selected, then set the Turn off monitor to 10 minutes. Also lowers the screen brightness to minimum.
If you still want more, you can remove most of the visual effects: In the System Properties – Advanced – Performance and then set the best performance, it will not only save power, but also increase system performance.

Always turn off unnecessary devices if you’re not using them: USB, Bluetooth, Wi fi, IrDA. Related with CD-ROM is better to copy the entire data cd rom to the HDD and only access the data from it.

Laptop BatteryTurn off unnecessary processes, the processor can find better uses than to display on your desktop calendar and find out the same workload. If you will be taking a break use the sleep mode on laptops. If you go for a long time – turn off your laptop.

Currently there is often a battery memory effect NiMh eg. A brief description of a memory effect itself as follows : if every time you charge the battery only by 60%, then one day the battery will forget that there is still room for 40% of unfilled. The battery will assume 60% ​​is 100%.
To recharge NIMH do not have to wait really – completely discharged, but the consequences will be felt quickly exhausted. But this will be temporary, when the battery runs out, recharge the battery and its ability will back to normal.

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