How Do I Know How Much Time The Computer Works?

how long computer workMaybe you want to save electricity or resting your computer every 2 hours use, but you do not know for sure how long your computer has been working since turned on. Perhaps the following can help you, How do I find out how long your computer work?

Run cmd

  1. To get started you can open a cmd way to the start menu and then click Run or simply press the window key + R on the keyboard. In the Run window type cmd in the text box and press OK. Windows command prompt should open now.Type systeminfo
  2. At the command prompt type systeminfo then press enter. Now the computer will display all the information about your computer system.Windows System Info
  3. In the system info list, find the System Up Time next to it you can find how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds you have to work a computer. You can also find out other information about your computer such as processor and motherboard you use.

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