How Do I Resize An Image Using Microsoft Paint

This tutorial is about how to resize an image using one of Windows bundled software, Microsoft Paint. There so many resize image software, some of them are free. But you’ll need to install the software (except the portable software).

With Ms Paint, if you are Windows OS user, you no need to find other image resizer program. Here the step to resize an image using Ms Paint:

1. I will resize the image named Winter.jpg. Here the screenshot:
image before resize

2. Now, I will open the image that I want to be resized by click the right mouse button > Open With Paint:

open image with microsoft paint

3. The image, named Winter.jpg is opened, I will resize the image using Scretch feature. This feature located at menu Image > Scretch/Skew.
scretch skew microsoft paint

4. I want to resize the image dimension become the half of original image. From 800×600 to become 400×300. Then at Scretch form, I change the Horisontal value from 100% become 50%, Vertical value from 100% become 50%, the press OK and save the image.
scretch resize image

5. Now, my image named Winter.jpg is resized. The file size is changed from 140 KB become 42KB, while the dimension is from 800×600 become 400×300.
resized image

Note: This image resizing tutorial only work for static image only, you cannot resize an .GIF image with animation using Microsoft Paint. You may able to resize the image but the animation will be lost.

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