How To Add A New Category “Home” PrestaShop

To facilitate users in selecting the products we sell, we recommend our products for the category which represents the identity of the product. In this tutorial we will take the example of a clothing store.

kita bagi kategori menjadi 6:

  1. Ladieswear
  2. menswear
  3. kids clothing
  4. Bag
  5. Craft
  6. Jewelry

Step 1 : Click Catalog Menu

Tab Catalog Image

Step 2 : Delete all default Category, thick all category then click delete selection

Delete Default Category Image

Step 3 : Delete All default produk in category

thick all product then click delete selection

Delete Dafault Product Image

Step 4 : Add New Category in Home

Click Add New Sub Category

Click Add Category Image

Type category name example Kids Clothing then click save and back to parent Category

Add Home Category

Step 5 : Result Category name

admin area result

Categori in Admin area image

Categories in home area

Category Home Image

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