How To Add Watercolor Effect

On this tutorial we will learn how to add watercolor effect on a photo. This is a simple tutorial and it’s very useful for beginner and advanced Photoshop users level.

1. We can use option Watercolor effect on Filter/Artistic. In this tutorial we will use other methode to make more realistic watercolor effect to image. First, open file and edit image size by Image/Image Size. Make into 1000px width and 669px height.

Open Image Sample

2. In step 2 we will start by stylizing photo.Double click current layer thumbnail on layers palette to unlock the layer and then duplicate it with “Ctrl+J”. Use menu Filter/Artistic/Cutout with setting 4:4:2.

Stylizing Photo

Pictures After Stylized

3. In this layer, change layer mode to Lighten.

Lighten Mode

4. Duplicate current layer again (Ctrl+J) and apply Filter/Artistic/Underpainting and setting same as the pictures bellow.

Underpainting Effect

Result Underpainting

5. Change layer mode on current layer to Screen.

Change Layer Mode

6. Add watercolor effect the photo. Before that, duplicat original picture with press Ctrl+J on keyboard to make one more copy of it. And change layer position on pannel layer into top position, then apply Filter/Artistic/Dry Brush:

Watercolor Effect Setting

Change Layer Position

7. Align the gradient levels and contrasts in the photo by Eraser Tool with a soft round brush about 150 px (from time to time we have to change the brush size) and make clear some areas with a sharp transition of colors.

Align the Gradient Levels and Contrasts

8.Change Eraser Tool opacity to 30% with edit too saturated color areas.

Step 8 Change Saturated Color

9. Go back to original layer and duplicate it again with press Ctrl+J. Move this copy above all the layers and go to menu Filter/Noise/Median for this layer.

Step 9 Median Setting

Step 9b Move Layer

Last step, change layer mode to Lighten for current layer. Try yourself with other pictures.

Final Image Editing

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