How To Use On-Screen Arabic Keyboard In Windows XP

You want to write a document with Arabic font and you don’t remember the keyboard combination for Arabic font..? Don’t worry, there is simple way to make Arabic documents in Windows. Here the steps:

Step 1: Go to Control Panel menu from “Start –> Settings –> Control Panel” or from Windows Explorer

Step 2: Click Regional and language setting

windows regional setting

Step 3: Click the languages tab at the top, enable the option “Install File for Complex Script” and “Right-to-left Languages (including thai)”. Click apply.

Step 4: Insert Windows XP CD into CDROM drive, browse the CD and find and select folder I386

click no restart

Step 5: Click detail, add keyboardlayout/IME:Arabic(101),  click OK and apply

install arabic font

Step 6: Restart the system

Step 7:  Go to On-Screen Keyword Application from “Start –> Programs –> Accesories –> Accessbility –> On-Screen Keyboard”

Step 8: Click botom right side at keyboard icon, choose Arabic(101)

on-screen keyboard setting

And here the result:

arabic on-screen keyboard

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