How To Automatically Change The Wallpaper ?

If you are bored with your wallpaper, and change their lazy, read this and take 5 minutes a small program to automatically change the wallpaper. Using only with a notepad.

  1. How to change wallpaper1Create a desktop text document, open it and copy the selection: C: \ Documents and Settings \ your user name \ Local Settings \ Application Data \ Microsoft. Replace the text “The name of your user.” If you have OS (Windows) is installed on another hard drive, replace the first letter “C” on the drive letter. Open the “Start” and select “Run” in the window that appears copy the address in a text document and click “OK”. Open the folder “Microsoft”.
  2. How to change wallpaperSelect your favorite five wallpapers in format ” JPG ” on the Internet or on your computer, copy them to your desktop. Install the first file wallpaper as your desktop background, go to “Microsoft”, there you will find a file just set wallpaper “Wallpaper1.bmp” . Rename it to “1.bmp” . Then repeat the same thing with the remaining 4-wallpaper on your desktop, just rename them already in 2.bmp, 3.bmp, 4.bmp and 5.bmp.
  3. How to change wallpaper step 3Navigate to the folder “Microsoft”, it create and open a text document. Type or copy the following:

if not exist 5.bmp (copy Wallpaper1.bmp end.bmp)
if not exist 5.bmp (ren Wallpaper1.bmp 5.bmp)
if not exist Wallpaper1.bmp (ren 1.bmp Wallpaper1.bmp)
if not exist 4.bmp (ren Wallpaper1.bmp 4.bmp)
if not exist Wallpaper1.bmp (ren 5.bmp Wallpaper1.bmp)
if not exist 3.bmp (ren Wallpaper1.bmp 3.bmp)
if not exist Wallpaper1.bmp (ren 4.bmp Wallpaper1.bmp)
if not exist 2.bmp (ren Wallpaper1.bmp 2.bmp)
if not exist Wallpaper1.bmp (ren 3.bmp Wallpaper1.bmp)
if not exist end.bmp (if not exist 1.bmp (ren Wallpaper1.bmp 1.bmp))
if exist end.bmp (del end.bmp)
if not exist Wallpaper1.bmp (ren 2.bmp Wallpaper1.bmp)

  • 4.  How to change wallpaper step 4Close the text document, save changes. Rename it to “change.bat” and run. As a result, the file should be renamed “2.bmp” to “Wallpaper1.bmp”. Right-click on the file “change.bat”, thecreate shortcut . You created a desktop shortcut and press Alt + Enter . and click “OK” . Then drag the shortcut into the Startup: “Start” → “All Programs” → “Startup” .
  • 5.  Log out and log in, or reboot the user

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