How To Back Up Windows Registry

Tips and tricks to improve Windows can be found at many sites on the Internet. Most of these tips by changing the Windows registry. However, each change to the registry carries some risk, error in changing the registry will cause your windows to stop working, even worse you have to install windows.
Therefore, before making any changes in the registry, you should back up the registry. So when damage occurs or during an emergency, you can easily restore the state where windows can run normally.

Backup registry windows
To back up the registry, first open the Registry Editor. To do this, simply press the Windows key and R simultaneously. This will open the Run window, type regedit and press Enter.
Run windows

Now the registry window will appeared. On the top menu bar, click on the File menu, you will see a new window. Now click on Export option.Click export under File menu

New window will appear, on this window allows you to select a location and filename of the backup file.

Registry backup save

From the File menu you can also import this as a backup registry that was created previously, you can do it by clicking on File-Import, after the new window appears, you can click on your backup registry file, and your registry will be back to normal.
Backing up the registry can be done easily and quickly and should be made in the registry before making changes.

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