How To Change Color With Magic Wand Tool

Magic wand tool use for selection image. It also can use for change a image color. In this tutorial we will use Color Range in Magic Wand Tool option. Color range function is for take a sample color which used for selection.

1. Open Photoshop and open image with Ctrl+O or menu : File/Open.

Sample Image

2. Double click Bacground Layer and Click OK in new layer option. It to unlock layer.

Background Layer

Unlock Layer

3. Click Magic Wand Tool and direct to work area which want to selection. Right Click and choose Color Range.

Choose Color Range

4. Click color want to change, and setting fuzzines into 200, and click Ok. In this tutorial we want to change flower color.

Color Range Setting

5. Right Click on area selection and choose select inverse.

Select Inverse

6. Click Ctrl+U for change a color. In Hue/Saturation Setting, change Hue to +100, Saturation to +30 and Lightness to 0.

 Color Setting

7. We have a result image color and click Ctrl+D for unselection.

Result of Editing Image

That is all of step.. try it.

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