How To Change IP Address Using Proxy ?

Internet Proxy serverSo, you’ve probably heard many times about the proxy, but do not know what it is and what it eats? Then I try to explain. Proxy server anonymous proxy gives you the address. Your real address is not visible. This is very useful against intruders who can hack your ip address. Or you do not want to light up at different sites under their native ip, then you can change your ip. So, now we will change the ip address, and substitute in its place the proxy server address.

Step 1
Internet explorer : Open the browser. In the upper right corner click on the icon in the form of a gear wheel.
Mozilla Firefox : Under menu Tool
Chrome : Click the wrench icon

Step 2
So, we dropped the configuration menu. Select the line “Options” and click.

Step 3
Internet Explorer : A window will appear. At the top of the tab, select the “Connections”. Click on it.
Mozilla Firefox : Go to “advanced” tab then click “Network” tab
Google Chrome : Go to “Under the hood” tab then find Network.

Step 4
Internet Explorer : The updated window click on the “Network Configuration”
Mozilla Firefox : Click on setting button
Google chrome : Click on Change proxy settings..

Step 5
Internet explorer and google chrome : In the window that appears at the bottom you see a “proxy server”, but rather set it up. Check the box to “use proxy server for your LAN”. After pressing the bottom line becomes available. In this line, please contact the proxy server address and the other line: port. For example, type the address: port: 8888. Press the button “Save” and you’re done!
Mozilla Firefox : Click on radio button “Manual proxy configuration”

Now you have an anonymous proxy and you are not afraid of intruders. Of course, not necessarily to put it is this proxy address. Full proxy list you can find on internet.

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