How To Check & Repair Usb Flash Drive For Error

Flash drive error If you no longer can read the data stored on the USB stick, due to corrupt file system. This can be fixed with Windows. It’s often the data stored on a Usb flash drive can’t be read. There is frequently a file system is easily damaged, so that reading and writing can not be performed on a USB flash drive. However, the file system on USB flash drives can be checked by Windows OS and let it automatically fix file system errors, and even windows can search for bad sectors on the disk and repair it.

How can I check the file system on USB flash drives for errors and repair it, if necessary.
To do this, you can search for the USB stick icon under windows explorer. Here you can right-click once on the icon and context menu will appear, select Properties.

Error checking flash driveProperties window will opens, click on the extra tab (Windows Vista or 7) or Tool tab (Windows XP). The window will look like the example above. Here you can see the button to check for errors from the file system. Now click on the Check Now button ….
Now should open another window, it can set more detailed options for checking the disk.

Check disk option menu
You can choose between the two points automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attemp recovery of bad sectors.

Set the checkmark from the options Automatically fix file system errors. This will tell the operating system, search the disk for errors in the file system and to fix automatically.

In the second option or as a second options you can also give a check in the Scan for and attemp recovery of bad sectors. Depending on the size of the disk or disks for storage may be required to locate and recover bad sectors a little longer.

Do you now have made an selections, now you only need to click the Start button and the operating system will continue to work to find and fix possible errors on the disk file system.

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