How To Choose A Computer Case

PC Computer casesOne of the most important component in your computer is a computer case, but for some reason, many people pay little attention in choosing a case. And useless, good housing choice will determine the ease and quality of your work. Characteristics of the body determines the amount of components to be in it, and the temperature of your system and, importantly, determine how well your computer will look like.

So how do you pick a decent case for the computer?

First, determine how much space you can allocate to your computer. Is he will stand on a small place, so stuffy up the paper, tables, or you are willing to allocate to it a lot of free space? In the first case, consider a mini-PC is very popular today, which is both capable of more impressive dimensions.

The next thing to pay attention, should be part of the housing. You should know exactly how many and which components should match with your case. Established standards, which should match in your case, consists of processors, motherboards, two hard drives, video cards, network cards, fans, drives, CD-ROM.

Check that the motherboard fits easily in your case. Some housing supported by the motherboard of any size, but some may only take one. Buying cheap housing, be careful, do not always support information for each type of motherboard can be reliable.

In most cases, this case is even equipped with a power supply. But more of the components installed on your computer, the more you need additional resources. Choose a case with power no less than 400W. Also ask if the device works with ATX 1 / 2. avoid compatibility problems with motherboards.
Very good, when the enclosure allows you to set the normal number of fans (4 or more), ensuring good ventilation and cooling.

Just a few years ago, the computer case just a boring white box-shaped. Today, you can choose not only the color case, but the most extraordinary designs.
Always consider these factors in relation to the situation – whether you need a computer for home use or for use in the office. Realistically evaluate your budget and needs.

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