How To Choose A Computer Mouse ?

Choose a mouse easier than the other parts, the main thing – comfort

PC MouseThe choice of a mouse for your computer In this article we consider the choice for a computer mouse . Mouse – this is probably the most important part, through which people in contact with the computer. Therefore important that this contact was useful to man. Code upon a time all the mice were very simple device with two buttons. Now the number of various buttons and dials and up to two dozen! But do they? Let’s see how to choose a mouse. There are several types of mice, we consider the most common.

Ball mouse
Ball MouseThe most simple and has little popular – ball mouse. The technology they are very old and very simple: the ball spins on the surface and thereby turns the two roller – horizontal and vertical cylinders on a disk from the slots, which provide a break-emitting diode. Plus, these mice one – low cost, has long been another plus – no glitches at a very fast moving, but now all types of mice did not suffer from this problem. Cons: the ball hard and because it is not very convenient to handle a mouse, in addition, it is often polluted and mouse begins to fail and tight to move, it needs to pull the ball and clear it from dirt, which does not give much pleasure. When the mouse is needed to lift and carry, the ball falls down half a centimeter, and moves the cursor, which causes inconvenience. In general, ball mouse obsolete, now replaced by their excellent optical, and how they work almost the same.

Optical mouse
Optical MouseThe principle of operation of optical mice is as follows: a light source – a flashlight next to him is a video camera, she makes more than 1,000 images per second. Processor, but not a computer processor , a built-in mouse, analyzes pictures and draws conclusions about how to move the mouse. It seems to be simple, just hard to understand how it all fit there. This technology was developed by Agilent Technologies in 1999. The first models could be moved only on special mats. This rug was not just a convenience, and was part of the mouse, without him it did not work. Grating on the mat was dark lines, judging by the photographs which the CPU to draw conclusions about the motion of the mouse. This mat is part of the port, and even a bit of damage, the optical mouse can not work. This mouse is very light so your hands do not get tired, unlike the mouse ball. You also do not need to clean the ball and generally they are durable.

Wireless Mouse
Wirelles MouseSuch as wireless keyboard, wireless mouse also uses a battery to work. They both are usually sold in one package. As we know the batteries weigh more, which would make increase the mouse weight. It’s like a mouse ball, and even more. But you can take the positive benefits such as not to bother with cables and others.

Trackball – this is something the opposite of the mouse, but performing the same function. Why the opposite? Computer Mouse works with the move, while the trackball stay on place. In the mouse ball rotates because contact with the surface, while the trackball, the ball rotating with your fingers. For normal use, to moving the cursor from one screen to the other end will be a long time for trackball to work. But it’s perfect for working with graphics packages, packages for computer aided design. Since turning the ball with your finger, you control the cursor movement much more accurate than when using a mouse.

What I would advise you to pay attention to :

  • Choose a comfortable a mouse in your hand.
  • Has at least two buttons and a scroll wheel.
  • I would advise you to choose an optical a mouse for your computer.
  • Very uncomfortable when a mouse cable is thick and coarse, it inhibits the movement of a mouse and arms get tired. It is best to choose a mouse with a thin wire and bend easily when moving a mouse so it is like a wireless.
  • Choose a a mouse with a USB connection instead of PS / 2. This is because the pin PS / 2 connectors are easily bent and broken when it is often removed.

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