How To Choose A Keyboard ?

KeyboardOften, when people choose a computer, they are obsessed with power. Consider the main well to choose the processor and graphics card to play different games with good graphics, or just to be able to say: “I have a powerful computer.” They forget about those parts of the keyboard, mouse , because they consider them unimportant. But they are wrong, and soon they realize that. Any interesting toy eventually get bored. Initially, when a person just bought a computer, it is experiencing increased interest in everything connected with it, can play in any games for days. But then it’s boring and he uses a computer for easier thing – listening to music, watch movies, send a letter … Then he will understand that the choice of the keyboard – is also a very important step towards the comfort of your computer.

Ergonomic Keyboard
Ergonomic keyboardErgonomic keyboard Рthe keyboard is divided into two parts, usually curved. This is done for the convenience of typing. Those who have studied the method of blind typing  (eg, Solo on the keyboard) all will understand and appreciate. The fact that the fundamental blind typing Рdivide the keyboard into two parts, the left side controls the left hand, the right side controls the right hand. It is divided into such parts of these keyboards.

Gaming Keyboard
Gaming keyboardGaming Keyboard – keyboard is selected gamers. They have clearly identified those buttons that are used in most games (such as WASD). They usually have buttons, rubber and a little tighter to press. For typing long text, the keyboard is not suitable. But there are alternatives, as shown in the “dream gamers” left, a full keyboard on the right.

Wireless keyboards
Wireless keyboardsWireless keyboard connects to the computer via bluetooth or a special radio ports. The receiver is usually inserted into a USB output. It works by batteries that need charging. This type of keyboard, worthy selected when you do not want to be bothered with annoying cables. But you have to charge the battery so that the keyboard can work. That’s very disturbing when we’re in an important job, and suddenly the keyboard battery runs out. But very nice if you want to control your pc while lying down from a distance of 5 m with a large monitor screen.

Flexible Keyboard
That’s what went progress! Flexible keyboard can pull up into a tube in your pocket and take with them to work. It is even possible on the road a couple of times to drop into a puddle – it will be nothing – it is completely sealed. But this is, perhaps, all of its benefits. But such shortcomings – it is uncomfortable, the buttons are pressed tightly. Perhaps in the future, flexible keyboard will improve the quality. But while it should not be considered as an option.

Touch Keyboard
Touch keyboardTouch Keyboard unavailable for purchase. But its on development. It is a continuous sensor surface. In some way touch the keyboard will be used as a monitor .





Laser Keyboard
Laser KeyboardLaser keyboard and the keyboard is hard to call. It is this “thing” which if put on the surface and turn on, then it will draw the keyboard. Plus it has in my opinion one – it is an interesting and amusing. Cons: When printing there is a lot of errors in a bright room is very hard to see, “key”, the red color (most often ) irritates the eyes, the absence of the index (with bumps) keys, and the high price.

Which keyboard you sould choose.
What is your keyboard – it’s up to you, I would add only that typing is very important that the keys are pressed easily and your arms is comfortable.

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