How To Choose UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) ?

How to choose UPSWhat is UPS (UPS – uninterruptible power supply). Electric power network is imperfect, but due to unstable voltage of the computer can operate incorrectly or even fail, many files that your computer is running currently not stored, the operating system files are not stored properly, and therefore the operating system is gradually corrupted and computer start “failed.” An easy way to avoid all this – choose the UPS. UPS smooths the flow of electricity and delivers it to your computer. If you suddenly turn off the electricity, the UPS will warn you and give you little time to calm you save all files and properly shut down your computer.

Off-line UPS

This type of UPS is the cheapest, since there is no built-in stabilizer. It works very simply – as long as the network has a current, it recharges its battery as soon as the electricity is turned off, it provides all the details of the computer (the CPU to the monitor) current, and produces signals that give the user a sign that the computer must be turned off.

Line-interactive UPS
This is the most expensive UPS, there is a built-in battery, it connects only with large changes in the incoming electricity or its complete absence. These UPS have built-in voltage regulator. So if you change the voltage, the transformer will automatically adjust it without using the backup battery. Built-in regulator – is an important distinction line interactive UPS from off-line because it aligns the current, thus giving all the details of the computer to live much longer.

UPS Features
UPS FeaturesIn many of the characteristics of the uninterruptible power supply, but the main characteristic of this power, need to be considered to successfully choose UPS. The UPS power is measured in Volt-Amps, but the other part of what the computer’s power is measured in watts. To find what you need to choose UPS, you need a computer for total power and divide by 0.7. Total capacity of the computer is not difficult to find, just look at the capacity of power supply (because power supply unit that supplies the entire system) plus the monitor, and details like keyboard and mouse spends very little current, so they do not have to pay attention. This means if you have a power supply 450 Watt and 200 Watt monitor, then 450 + 200 / 0.7 = 929 Volt-Amps. However we must choose UPS capacity more than 929 Volt-Amps, because you might someday want to have a larger monitor or choose a powerful video card.

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