How To Clean A Laptop Against Dust

Clean laptop from dush

Many laptop owners face the fact that laptops are often hang and slow. The most common cause of this problem is the laptop overheating. This is often due to the fact that old laptop cooling fan is clogged by dust or something else. If the fan and heat sink cooling system is dusty – then this will reduce the cooling efficiency, and cause some noise.

To repair this, you need to clean the notebook from dust. If you have time and chance, it is better to entrust the service center. But if you do not want to contact the service center – you should do this procedure manually.

Let’s get started.

To clean the laptop cooling system we will need :

– A screwdriver to remove the cover and the fan

– Napkins or fabric, and possibility of required compressor or a can of compressed air to blow dust from the heatsink

– Lubrication the fan (anything but wanted to make it thick and does not spread quickly)

First of all we have to pull out the plug from the laptop power supply, and removing the battery. Remove the cover:Cleaning notebook processor coller

When the cover is removed, find the fan, unscrew the bolt:
unscrew the fan
Remove the impeller. It can sometimes be removed without much effort, and sometimes it holds pieces of plastic. To remove the the impeller in this case, you can remove the sticker on the back side with a needle and gently lift the puck. With the puck must be neat. It is very easy to lose. Then take the the impeller:
remove the fan

Remove sticker
Clean the the impeller shaft with a tissue and provide a little lubrication.

Clean the blade using tissue

Provide a little lubrication

Now, there is quite an important phase – removal the dust from the heatsink. To do this, I recommend using a brush, dry fabrics, a can of compressed air or a compressor. In extreme cases, you can have a vacuum cleaner or blow with full force. The goal is simple – to blow a gap between the plates remove all the dust. That may seem like a clogged sink (these two photos taken from the site All the the dust and other dirt is cleaned out.

removal dust from the heatsink (before)

dust from the heatsink removal

As result, it should be obtain a clean cooler. When you are finished, collect all of it, tighten all the bolts and put the battery.

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