How To Clean The Keyboard And Mouse

How to clean keyboard and mouseKey dirty, crumbs and dust. The key button stuck. You have to clean it, but do not know how. Then, this will probably help you.
On many keyboards, the key can be removed, be careful if you have forgotten the placement of key buttons (We recommend that before it off, you should make a sketch or you can take pictures with the camera).
Collect all the keys in a plastic bag, go to the bathroom, fill a plastic bag with water, pour washing powder in a plastic bag and shake.
After several minutes, rinse with water The key, then dry with a dry towel and hair dryer.If the keyboard keys can not be removed, clean the keyboard with a cloth or alcohol from the store.

The main thing – under any circumstances, do not pour water on the keyboard. This can lead to failure or at least, to ensure that you have to completely disassemble.

Mouse, also needs a little cleaning. Here what you want! Can cotton with alcohol and and simply wipes and cloths. It will be much harder to break, although showers are also not required. If you have a mouse ball – always clean the ball. Optical mouse sometimes should also be cleaned up inside, there are also a lot of dirt: all hair can make a jam on the axis of the wheel, the buttons can become clogged, the optics also needs to be cleaned. Be careful in dismantling the mouse, you have to remember the placement of components. Wash your mouse pad with soap and dry completely.

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