How To Connect Two Computers Via Ethernet ?

Connect 2 computer via ethernetEstablishing a connection between two computers. For example, if you have a home computer and a laptop and you want to transfer files between them or share the Internet, you can make a direct connection.
The first three steps describe the manufacture of the cable. You can buy ready-made “crimped” cable in the store, then you can skip these steps.

What you need :

  • Ethernet Cable  (twisted pair, category 5)
  • Connectors (connector) RJ-45 (two)
  • Crimpers connectors 8P8C (RJ-45)
  • Two LAN Ethernet 100Mbit
  • Sharp knife

Step 1 :
Ethernet portFirst, make sure that both computers are set controllers ethernet. These connectors look like the attached photo. The controller can be integrated into the motherboard, in this case the ethernet port is usually located on one pair of USB -ports. If you do not find such a connector, so you will need to purchase this Ethernet card controller.



Step 2 :
Set Ethernet cableTake the cable, connectors and clamps. Using tongs or a sharp knife, remove the cable insulation surface at a distance of about two inches from each end. Spread the colored wires in pairs and spread them apart. Now we need to build a number of strands in a sequence (left

blue, White-blue, green, White-brown, brown
At the other end will be a different sequence :
Green-white, green, White-orange, blue, White-blue, orange, White-brown, brown

Peel the series ends by scissors or a cutter, as shown in the photo. Stripped cable lengths should be in the range of 12 to 15 mm. Then, carefully, keep the cable in order to stay straight, insert the cable into the connector until it stops.

Step 3 :
RJ-45 connectorInstall the connector with a cable clamp to hold them, and until it stops. Cable locks. Repeat step number 2 and number 3 steps to the opposite end of the cable. After that, the cable is ready for use.




Step 4 :
Connect the cable to ethernetConnect the cable to two computers. If your ethernet controller, there are indicators (many indicators controllers are located directly on the RJ-45), they should glow green and are sometimes blink. If no lights or light up on one side only – check the cable, you may make a mistake when compressing. Also check that the drivers for the Ethernet controllers are disabled and whether these adapters. If the lights are flashing or sometimes – so the cable in the order and connection hardware is installed.

Step 5 :
Network SettingOpen “Control Panel”. Locate and open the section “Network Connections”. Find connections among existing “Local Area Connection.” Click on the connection, right-click and select “Properties.”

In the new window select “Internet Protocol ( TCP / IP) and click on “Properties.”

Next, click “Use the following IP-address” and enter the desired network (IP) address for that computer. IP-address has the format: “ABCD”, where A, B, C and D – is a number from 0 to 255. You can choose any number, but it is advisable to select them in the range On the last day of the computers connected to the address not be the same. It is best if you designate one computer, address, and the second – Press “OK” in all three windows. Try setting it up on the second computer.

In the “Network Connections”, double-click the icon “Local Area Connection.” This opens the status window. If everything is configured correctly, then in the “Status” will read “Connected.” If, however, there appeared the words “limited connection”, then you make a mistake when configuring the connection.

Step 6 :
Shared FolderNow you can open a folder on your computer to share. To do this, click on any folder or disk, right-click and open in the menu item “Sharing and Security.” In the window that appears, check the “Share this folder”. Then you can work with the folder from another computer through “Network Neighborhood”.

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